Sauced Pasta Bar Opens on Chapel Street

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Sauced Pasta Bar Opens on Chapel Street!

By Iro Kotsimbos Posted in | Plating Up | 2 October 2013 1:59PM

You know that question about the three things you’d take to a desert island? Well I won’t lie, pasta is definitely one of them. While some would consider it a luxury, I’m a firm believer that pasta is a necessity in life.
The team behind Sauced Pasta Bar on Chapel Street in Windsor think the same way and their obsession with this glorious food lead to the opening of the strip’s latest, and ever-so-delicious, restaurant.
“But pasta is so unhealthy!” I hear you cry. Fear not, dear Urban Listers! Not only have the Sauced team created flavour-packed pasta using the freshest produce they can lay their paws on, they’ve also made sure that their meals are all nutritionally balanced. In their words, it’s ‘pasta as it should be.’
Simply choose between snack and regular size, catering for those wanting just enough to fill the hunger gap versus those craving something more, pick your pasta, then select your sauce. Traditional spaghetti bolognaise? Mmmm. Fettuccine amatriciana? Yes please. Field mushroom ravioli with crème fraiche, green peas and lemon? Bring. It. On.
So, what are you waiting for? Hotfoot it straight away to 148 Chapel Street in Windsor and get ready to get saucy.
Sauced Pasta Bar | 148 Chapel Street in Windsor
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